Scholarships for Fathers: Five Helpful Tips

Scholarships for Fathers can be the answer for you if you are a struggling father trying to provide for your family due to the economy being in an anemic state for the past five years.  And, as you know the overall picture for economic growth continues not to be very positive.

Winning Scholarships for College

Therefore, going back to college if you are a father may be the right decision.  So, whether your reasons for going back to college are due a job loss because of the economy or if you want just want to change careers, scholarships for fathers may be a great way for you to accomplish your college degree goals.

If you do a search for scholarships for dads or fathers, you will not find a great amount that is specific for dads.  However, what you will find is that there are a lot more scholarships for women and scholarships for moms then for men or dads.  Therefore, you will need to think differently and look in areas that you may not have thought about.

1. Check with Your Employer

checkmarksIf you are currently employed and working, check with your current company to see if they offer scholarships or at least tuition reimbursement to help with paying for your tuition.  In some cases, your company may offer higher tuition reimbursements or scholarships if the degree you will get will be a benefit to the company.  Also, if your company does not offer any form of scholarships and your parents still are in the workforce you can ask them to see if their employer offers scholarships or tuition reimbursement for children of employees.

2. Check with Your State

You would be surprised by the number of college assistance programs each state has to offer for its residents.  The state scholarships that are offered usually apply only to colleges or universities that are public (meaning run by the state or local municipality).  Additionally, the state may also grant state scholarships for students who will enroll in degree programs in the areas of government or public service.

3. Field of Study Scholarships


There are various scholarships offered to students based the area of study they chose.  Based on our search we have found that scholarships are offered for the following fields:

  • Accounting
  • Architecture
  • Automotive Trades
  • Business
  • Communications
  • Education
  • HVAC
  • Law & Law Enforcement
  • Message Therapy
  • Math
  • Nursing
  • Religious
  • Social Science & Social Work
  • Statistics
  • Teaching
  • Vocational

In addition to what we have highlighted above, there may be more offerings that we have not been able to find. So if you did not see your specific area of study listed please ask the school, state or other avenue you are using to try to obtain your scholarship if they offer one for your area of focus.

4. Military Service & ROTC

The branches of the military offer scholarships for college bound fathers as well as those fathers who have honorably served their country or are the son of someone who did.  If you will be attending college out of high school and choose a military scholarship, you will be required to serve within the military branch of your choice for a period of time (four to eight years in many cases).

If your parents served in the military, there is several scholarship programs offered to children of military parents.  These scholarship programs offer a broad range of scholarship dollars and have various award structures and requirements.  Here are a few examples by branch:

  1. Air Force – General Henry H. Arnold Education Grant Program
  2. Army – MG James Ursano Scholarship Program
  3. Marine Corps – Marine Corps Scholarship Program
  4. Navy – Dolphin Scholarship Foundation

If you have served in the military you can take advantage of the GI Bill to pay for your schooling.  The amount of the benefit that you can receive is based on the difference of the total cost of the college course you are taking and the amount that the military will pay in tuition assistance.  To access information on the GI Bill use this link:  GI BILL

5. Federal Pell Grant

President Obama has offered scholarships for fathers by offering Federal Pell grants.  President Obama is doing this so that those fathers looking to go back to school for whatever reason can do so without having to think about the cost to obtain their degree.

FAFSAThe Federal Pell Grant program offers scholarships of just over ten thousand dollars ($10k) per year or five thousand one hundred dollars ($5100).  The scholarships can be used either towards attending colleges online or at a college or university campus.  To apply for the Pell Grant, go to the FASFA website to fill out the online scholarship form.